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September 25, 2005

Two thoughts for today.

Euripides sez:

When talking to someone who is a DU'er remember...

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.

Thoughts for those engulfed with long-simmering (as in generations-old) hatred:

Waste not fresh tears over old griefs.

H/t, Jim C.

I've been dithering about getting Kaplan's book, Imperial Grunts.

Thanks to OpinionJournal, I will. Today even (since I'm going to be by the bookstore after dropping SWWBO off at the airport for her trip to Bristol, England).

The book is replete with such catchphrases. The military would grind to a halt without them, as surely as if it ran out of gasoline or computer chips. So nouns become verbs: templating, civilianizing, unassetting (which means emptying a helicopter of troops and which in turn is reduced to unassing). Ideas become acronyms, mostly mind-numbing but sometimes soaring to poetry: I was delighted to learn that what we used to call nation-building is now MOOTWA, for military operations other than war.

And in quiet moments the troops explain themselves in terms that call to mind an earlier America: God, country, honor, duty. "The clichés were spoken with utter seriousness," Mr. Kaplan assures us. "That's ultimately why these guys liked George W. Bush so much. . . . He spoke the way they did, with a lack of nuance, which they found estimable because their own tasks did not require it."

Awwww. Bob Owens has been banned, again. Quit picking on the sensitive ones, Bob. Yer mean. Remember - it's what you *wish* it was that matters. That said, note Bill of INDC's comment towards the end of the stream. There were *still* a lot of people there, if not as many as they wished there were.

Kewl. New precision MLRS helps in battle for Tal Afar. Heh. Someday, John H, if we keep you guys using the GPS to self-locate, it might even be safe to be around us. H/t, Chris L.

Jay asks an interesting question over at Stop the ACLU:

Isn't it odd that the ACLU sees a 13 year old responsible enough to make choices as to whether or not to have sex, with whom to have sex, under what conditions to have sex, deal with the consequences of having sex, use drugs, drink alcohol, and commit other criminal acts, but they see a 17 or 18 year old high school student as being incapable of deciding upon entering military service?

Rarely subtle and nuanced in his argumentation, is Jay... Just drink the Kool-Aid, Jay, you'll feel better. Snerk.

Lastly, some moments of firearms zen...

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feeding the monster.

The Fire-Breathing, very large monster.

Update: Go visit AFSis and get some learnin'. Go visit BCR and have some fun. The Lioness takes off the gloves and fuzz flies! inch+USS Iowa+USS missouri+cannon+naval gun+imperial grunts