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September 20, 2005


"Don't get stuck on stupid, reporters."


PAO Flack: "What the General meant to say was..."

"You are stuck on stupid."

Get some, Russ.


Update. Snerk.

Oliver Willis spanks the Vokdapundit and Instapundit as clueless neanderthal rethuglican crackers (admittedly my words, not his) who've obviously never spoken to a person of color (more specifically, a person of notably dark hue) or, apparently read the Linux boards or used Google to search for everyday city argot.

Why? Because they hail LTG Honore's "Stuck on Stupid" line as a "new catchphrase" which apparently annoys Oliver, because, well, because it's a 'black thang' and we persons of paleness apparently are not allowed to use it without permission, or at least disclaimers of it's ethnic origins. Possibly, Oliver has some subsumed issues with too-cute uses of the word 'stupid', given his blog's tagline.

I think it's more sour grapes, and perhaps because it's not quite Oliver's favorite kind of black person who provided the magic moment (though, to be truthful, I have no idea what LTG Honore's politics are) that caused the phrase to escape Oliver's demesne. That and because it ain't gonna get used by his side of the political fence, but rather, against it. Therefore, this must be pooh-poohed early and often!

Note to Oliver: Martin Luther King, Jr., was *not* the first person to utter the words "I have a dream" in a public venue. If "the internets" had existed then, I suspect one could have Googled the phrase and come up with a few hits, too.

Perhaps an even more relevant example would be "Ich bin ein Berliner." President Kennedy wasn't the first to say that - but he was the first American president to say it in the context of a beleagured post-war west Berlin.

Then there's Todd Beamer's "Let's Roll." Mr. Beamer was certainly not the first to say that, either.

No, to become a catchphrase with a cachet outside of normal conversation, it has to be tied to a notable person saying it at a notable moment.

That's all.

It's not racist, or even clueless, Oliver. Really.

I think you're just jealous.

Oh, and Oliver - yes, as someone who has been associated with the Army from birth, this right-wing blogger has met black people. Many, many, many fine ones. Just for the record. Shhhh! I've even met gay persons. Wearing uniforms, too! And women! I know, that will come as a shock.

Heh. Typical blogger - I managed to make this all about me!

Update: I promise, in order to not step on Sortapundit's last nerve, Castle Argghhh! will not get Stuck on Stupid.