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September 19, 2005

Food for thought.

A juxtaposition of things today offers food for thought.

The Confederate Yankee has been doing some digging, and suggests that rebuilding New Orleans as it was is perhaps, long term, just not a good idea. Go read it. I'll wait.

Okay, yer back. Now, what makes that interesting today is that in addition to the paean to the Coast Guard that Blake sent me yesterday, he also sent along the picture he took of Fort Knox, Maine, along with some history.

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Golly, John, but I hope you have broadband, as I'm sending several pictures with this. The first two are the ones I couldn't send earlier, and the other two relate to the little essay below. I particularly like the Ft Knox one, because it shows how a single fort could command both entrances to the anchorage at Bucksport. I don't recall if I mentioned it in my earlier post, but Bucksport was important enough to rate a large coastal fortification specifically because it was a major source of spars for shipbuilding, and supplied both the Portsmouth and Boston Navy Yards. [emphasis mine] There's also one picture of this garden spot I'm living in, just for GP. [see post below this one] I expect that a lot of your readers have already seen Kuwait at least once...

So, what's the point? One reason that New Orleans and the mouth of the Mississippi gets so much attention is because of the Port of New Orleans. How much money do we spend to keep the river flowing through there, if the river *really* wants to be somewhere else?

And the point of Fort Knox - Bucksport is to point out... realities change. We don't need spars for merchant and naval vessels anymore. Perhaps this is the opportunity to fundamentally change the nature of New Orleans. It's certainly food for thought.

Not that we'll have much discussion that way. People are generally short-sighted, and politicians are sensitive to people. 50 years is a long time from now. Politicians will get votes for spending the money here, now... and with the exception of a Strom Thurmond, none now serving will be around to hear the blame if the scientists are correct.

So I doubt we'll seriously have the discussion of just what New Orleans *should* be, given this opportunity to make fundamental changes. And I'm not spitting in the eye of Donna Brazile, Mayor Nagin, or others on this, I'm just saying let's take a look at the alternatives.

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