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September 17, 2005

Saturday! And a post for Cricket...

...and I'm off to work. Damn prop. Of course, if we win it, I get to keep my job for another five years or so, and thus won't have *more* time to blog... thus keeping the general level of quality on the internet slightly higher.

Some people will do anything for traffic on a weekend... including me.

Patriot Voices has an interesting post... on decommissioning the Peacekeeper. Man, I remember the fight to *get* the Peacekeeper, now it goes away... and Minuteman stays. Ah, the vicissitudes of nuclear arms reduction. Mebbe some new silos will come open as candidates for the Castle's eventual re-location!

SWWBO's 57th Carnival of the Recipes is up at Trub's!

Damn, but the Germans can be annoying and tacky. Well, that's unfair. German politicians. Feh. Politicians.

The rest of this is for Cricket...

Field cookery.

Meet the Mess Kitchen Trailer.

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A rolling restaurant - as long as you don't mind take away. Interestingly enough, I couldn't find good pics of the devices inside an MKT that the cooks used to prepare meals in the field.

Then, I did. From WWII.

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The gear that went in the MKT look just like this. Hell, my Mess Truck looked like this. Of course, my mess truck was a 1962 Studebaker-built deuce-and-a-half still serving in 1985...

But the stuff inside was this stuff, if of more recent manufacture. And it fit into the MKT.

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This coulda been my mess trailer, too - except it was hard-topped and had pantry shelving in it, as well.

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In the 80's and 90's, we converted lots of cook spaces to infantry spaces, to build up the light infantry units. We justified it by introducing tray rations, T-rats, essentially platoon-sized tv dinners that just got dumped in hot water, then peeled open and served. Very little actual food prep involved. Makes you very dependent on your supply line for food, being unable to prepare any local foodstuffs, but that also protects you from food-borne pathogens, too. I think it was a net loss, the mess hall is a wondrous morale tool in the right hands.

Anyway - here is the current Assault Kitchen! Yes, Assault Kitchen. That's what they call it - at least according to Army PR types.

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Nonetheless, some things haven't changed...

Like the serving lines...

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and finding somewhere to eat. Whether in France, 1944...

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Or Kosovo, 1999...

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Update: Per the comments by Boqsuicio and Heartless Lib, here's a peek at the Containerized Kitchen (which *is* produced by Kärcher).