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September 14, 2005


“When in the course of hy’umun events…” Wha-a-a? Scout! Get yer scruple paws off that teleprompter!

>>hzzzz. bigfoot touchy today.

Hey, today’s AFSister’s birthday--if I don’t do this right, I’m toast.

>>hzzzz. bigfoot crusty, stale and always in a jam. name scout think already fit definition of toast.

Thanks a heap, furbucket. Go find Jake and Muffy and see what’s up with the cake.

>>hzzzz. name muffy and name jake bake cake? ooog—name scout bet ranch cake be chok’lit with squirrel frosting. name scout think maybe go strine beer-food-beer pless for dins.

Fine. Bring me back a couple of lagers. But go find Jake and Muffy, first.


Geez. Where was I? Oh…

*smiling winsomely into castlecam®*

Dbie the AFSister gave me a splendiferous present a couple of weeks ago and I got roped--ummmm--am absolutely delighted with the chance to return the favor. After all, turnabout is fair play and

*bgvzzzzt* GRRAAGHH! SNAP!

OW! PG, you tin-plated, ankle-biting idiot construct, I said FAIR play!

Ruh-roh... *cringe*

Rats--my Columbian Exposition souvenir sox, too…ya got 'em right in Grover Cleveland's autograph. Go do something useful, like gnawing all that pink enamel off the Iowa at Midshipman Mudpuppy’s place!


Anyway. The e-mail story actually started with

John to Bill: What do you know about AFSister?
Bill to John: Thirtysomething, married with kids, pretty good sense of humor--seems like a nice kid. Why?
John to Bill: *snerk*

Next thing I know, I get an e-mail from AFSister and learned why she’s AFSister. And a couple of e-ms later, I realized she’s not just a mommy, she’s a damfine one and what I’d thought was a good sense of humor was a wild, rollicking laugh-out-loud boundless appetite for fun. I learned about her Red Cross volunteer work, her involvement with the Spirit of America campaign, and her cats. And (eventually) I even learned how you’re s’posed to pronounce “Dbie”...

Errr--speaking of cats, I have to plead guilty to tagging her with the “Middle-American Were-Kitten” moniker. It’s a long story, but since it was her rescue mission, I’ll let her do the honors on her blog. Heh. An AFSis TINS!

And why not (he asked rhetorically)? She was the first of the Castle Commenters to achieve blogspawn status and now my multi-faceted, multi-talented, multi-tasking blogbud shares her thoughts and frustrations and adventures and laughter with the rest of the online world.

And today’s the Cute Chick©’s birthday! And Were-Kitty’s and MAWK’s and Zoomie-Sib’s and

*scamper-skitter-scarper* *d-r-a-g*

>>hzz. pg-17c-thing say scrup’l come quick. qué pasa?

Muffy, have you numbskulls been cadging chow over at Boq’s again? And what’s with the--oh, geez! Who decorated that cake, Madonna? Quick, get it into the Jungle Room before somebody sees it and thinks this is the Midwest branch of Plato’s Retreat!

>>hzz. perfect pless. pretty lady what sometimes be cat-thing-hy’umun feel right at home when pop out of cake.

Huh? *dangerously* Wanna tell me why the guest of honor is inside her own cake?!?

>>hzzz. not be easy. many chok’lit-chip ‘n’ squirrel cookie involve in transaction.

Waitaminnit--you gave

>>hzz. name jake not give lady cookie, lady give name jake cookie. think this shindig surprise visit from vin diesel. lady big fan.

>>hzzz. also climb into cake with big fan. vinnie have eclectic admirers, even if only multiple-feline-personality lady involved.

*sigh* Well, help her out and

>>hzz. not ethical. name muffy see name jake already eat cookie. name muffy suspect lady not want cookie back in its present condition. or later, 'specially.

>>hzzz. suspect name muffy *urp* correct. suspect also lady use stale squirrel in cookie.

Okay, okay--*gritting teeth*--wheel it into the screening room and crank up Pitch Black on the hi-def so’s she won’t be too torqued when she pops out. Waitaminnit--what’s that skritching sound coming from the inside of the cake?

*cautiously lifts top layer of cake to reveal--*


Clad only in a thin layer of chocolate and a large fan…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

*grin* Hey, kiddo, didn’t think I was gonna stick ya in the cake and leave ya there while the party cranked up, didja?

Happy birthday, Dbie!

Ummmm--whoever you are today...