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September 11, 2005


Take a moment, ponder the event and the impact it's had on our lives - 9/11 echoes in the response to Katrina.

Remember the Day...

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and that while we fight...

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We also build - and in some cases, fight so we *can* build.

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Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 41st Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division, build playground equipment at a local school yard in northern Baghdad.

Sometimes, we build simply because we can, and someone needs the help.

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Spc. Elizabeth Ferguson, from the 244th Engineer Battalion, 651st Area Support Group, helps to build a school in Los Higos, Panama, during a humanitarian mission.

Now, get back to the work at hand.

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U.S. Army Guardsmen from the 890th Engineering Battalion A-Company Picayune, Miss., clear debris from the beach while in Biloxi, Miss., during humanitarian relief efforts in support of Joint Task Force Katrina, Sept. 4, 2005. (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. James M. Bowman)

If you want to do something 9/11-related... from the left or the right, up or down on the issue... offer input on the Flight 93 Memorial plan, and/or the WTC Memorial.

Lastly, I'll listen to anybody who wants to talk about improving the structuring of response to disasters of this magnitude. What I won't do, however, is listen to such advice delivered sneeringly from some European lips when they wouldn't even take a break from vacation as tens of thousands died in the very slow-rolling disaster of their heat wave...


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(Hey, I did at least remember to edit myself out of it)

My personal score for that day was 13 in the Pentagon. 5 since then.

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