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September 10, 2005

Castle Argghhh! Leads the Way!

Leading edge of culture, that's us!

Just remember. You heard it here FIRST! Castle Argghhh! was the first to float a proposal to turn the USS Iowa into a Gay Museum!

Check it out at SFGate!

I *sh1t* you not!

Lower right hand story...


H/t, Admiral of the Moat Fleet Boquisucio!

For the record - I don't really object to the proposal itself, I just thought the whole rejection thing was silly grandstanding on the part of San Fran politicians. There is a kernel of applicability in using the IOWA to discuss the issue of gays in the military - the turret fire and the Navy's handling of same - but good luck trying to build something that isn't a preachy screed.

Nor should it be allowed to overshadow the rest of the history of the ship and the Navy she served.

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