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September 09, 2005


We owe Alvaro a *huge* debt.

Meet Alvaro's New Orleans.

As New Orleans meets Katrina.

This slideshow hit me in ways the MSM never did.

Gracias, Amigo. And gracias, the inventors of the digital camera.

And while I give Mayor Nagin credit for trying to overcome this problem in his reform efforts prior to the hurricane and the flood, we also need to keep this in mind:

As for the flood of federal dollars into Louisiana coffers, Rep. Tom Tancredo notes, "The head of the FBI in New Orleans just this past year described the state's public corruption as 'epidemic, endemic, and entrenched. No branch of government is exempt.' The question is not whether Congress should provide for those in need, but whether state and local officials who have been derelict in their duty should be trusted with that money."

There are some babies that *should* get tossed with the floodwaters...

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