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September 08, 2005

Reporting out from the disaster area...

First, Seawitch, a fellow Project Valour-IT blogger, who lives in the devastated region:

As someone who lives in Gulfport and went through Hurricane Katrina and has been without power for 10 days, all I can say is that I amazed at the criticism going on. The Seabees in Gulfport are rebuilding our communities schools. The National Guard is handing out water, ice, MRE's. Keesler Air Force Base had damage to 30% of it's base but has sent out crews to clear roads and has diverted one of it's water towers to the city of Biloxi so it's citizens can have a potable source of water. The military all up and down the Mississippi Coast have been helping every where they can and the National Guard units are searching the rubble for any remaining dead. The Seabees had that task after Hurricane Camille hit in 1969. My Dad was one of them.

I have seen the military copter and the Coast Guard copters flying over
my house since after the storm preforming rescue missions and now
recovery missions and security.

Thank God for all those in the military who are helping us. Without
them, we would be so much worse off.

Bless all those who serve.

And this, from Sarenyon (who, btw, was commanding that Bradley FIST Vehicle in my "Goblins on the left" picture in the upper right corner). He is doing something I did in my last job on active duty... shift work in a Defence Coordinating Element, in his case, managing the DoD response in Mississippi:

Hello all, writing from the MS State EOC [Emergency Operations Center]. As I'm still stuck in the Defense Coordination Element and not out on the ground, I have to give nothing but HIGH props to my fellow service-members. They are doing a great job. Also like to recognize someone people might have overlooked... the Civil Air Patrol. These guys are flying missions, doing ground S&R [Search and Rescue] and just plain helping out for no pay. And they are doing a great job.

Interesting development, MS Gov and TAG [The Adjutant General - senior NG Officer] turned down Federal Troops patrolling in MS. So besides Medical, Air S&R, Air, and Logistics, no Title 10 Troops [Federal/Federalized] are moving around. Which frees up the Marines to help out the 82nd in N.O.

Another good thing, IMO, LTG Honore issued order that no Title 10 Forces will be used to or assist in Forced evacuations. I know they could help, but not good to set any precedents on that front.

Thanks for all the support

You're welcome, sir. You're welcome.

Thank YOU!

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