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September 07, 2005

Hey! It's been too long.

Hey! 1.7 million kids live in homes with loaded guns! I think I'm supposed to be upset at that. I'll be upset if they are improperly stored loaded guns... otherwise, welcome to my world!

My son grew up in a house with guns. Lots of 'em. And not one shot was fired in the house! Whew! Dodged a bullet there, eh? Just dumb luck, I'm sure.

I originally started blogging about guns and gun collecting. Of course, when I saw all the people who did that so much better than I, I switched to politics. Boy, was that a bad idea. So, I drifted into general military stuff.

But by golly, it's been too long since the collection made an appearance!

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So, how about the pistols?

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There. I feel better now. Except, I need to add a new one!

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