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September 05, 2005

>>hzzz. afterthought...

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>>hzzz. name muffy not be post in a while. longtime hy置mun denizens and pretty-lady denizennes know 礎out scrup値. maybe youngers and visitors do not.

go pretty barb-lady pless if forget or not know. pretty barb-lady first to know all 礎out scrup値 when talk to name scout. short read. has to be -- scrup値 have short attention span...

life be tough teacher. gives test first, then lesson. hurricane test be hard on hy置muns and lesson be painful. test be harder on others, who not know there be lesson to follow.

only know test.

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only know hy置muns left them, did not know why. only know brother and sister and other left them, did not know why.

did not know water, too, had killing bite.

know now

dog-thing, cat-thing be pets, not be told 礎out evacuate. not be taken off roof by helicopter, be taken in boat.

sometimes. when there be room. small life-sparks, pulled from water.

little afterthoughts.

dog-thing, cat-thing, even horse-thing once be pets, now be lost. now be scrup値. some hy置muns find, bring dry pless, like same for hy置muns. like same for hy置muns, food dish, water bowl soon empty. hy置muns be evacuate to 創other dry pless, many dry pless, where now food dish and water bowl full.

maybe scrup値 be evacuate later. maybe not.

little afterthoughts.

this be called bleg. not be ask for much because not need much. hy置muns, help, plizz?

not be ask that hy置muns send to help scrup値 instead of to help hy置muns, just small extra for help scrup値. something for keep small life-sparks alive...

plizz -- something?

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