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September 04, 2005

A Perfect Storm...

...that may cause the media to simply explode.

Katrina, Roberts, Rehnquist.

Oy, it's going to be ugly from now to Christmas.

Then we'll get the Katrina-victim Christmas stories. Okay, from now to February.

So, I'll console myself with this!

Finally! A realtor hawking properties worthy of the Master and Mistress of Argghhh! Some of these aren't that far away, either. Though none of them are in the current budget. May have to set up a tip jar. And before you ask - SWWBO found it and thought it was kewl!

What are the Denizens up to...

SWWBO highlights villains and heroes in New Orleans. Given how fond she is of New Orleans, being on the villain list is not good.

Barb points to NOAA's before and after pics of the areas hit by Katrina.

AFSis, while she can't go to the disaster area herself this time, is helping coordinate those who can!

Sergeant B has some questions about the Brotherhood of War.

Jack has his take on the Katrina disaster and the response thereto.

Kat points out that people and businesses - especially businesses with responsibilities for people such as nursing homes - need disaster plans, as well.

Cassandra skewers a Huffposter, and looks for the Silver Lining.

At The Glittering Eye, the Carnival of the Recipes is up! In fact, I recommend starting at the top of The Glittering Eye, and just read down until you get to the Carnival. Lots of interesting history of disasters in the US hiding in there.

MSG Keith, discusses disaster relief, from the perspective of Been There, Done That, Got the T-shirt, and wore it 'til it fell off in tatters.

Fuzzybear reminds us that current needs that existed before Katrina still exist. As a member of the Board of Directors for a large regional charity - I agree. She also retracts some earlier hot words. Kinda.

Rammer discusses the meaning of risk - and how the results of risk analysis are all around us, everyday.

Now, it *is* okay to have fun, even when surrounded by disaster. If you've done what you can, and all you have left to do is surf compulsively for Katrina-blogging... take a break and go visit Jay, who has a humor round-up!