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September 01, 2005

How thin the veneer of civilization is...

...and how fragile the social contract.

SNIPER FIRE [Jonah Goldberg] CNN Reporting: Charity hospital in New Orleans is taking sniper fire. Good lord. Posted at 03:24 PM

The Guard is coming, fellas. Then you'll be playing Army with the Big Dogs. Don't make 'em send in the 82nd and Marines.

On the flip side - and I admit I'm isolated where I work - I know the government is mobilizing, and having been on the planning and execution side of that I have some idea of what is happening.

And I understand that the MSM actually *needs* to keep a sharp spotlight on the tragedies and pathos... the higher level decision makers need to feel that heat - but how about some sense of organized reportage on what *is* being done?

If it's there, I've missed it, which is possible. And I don't fault the MSM nearly as much as you might think - but the Public Face of Governance, City, State, Federal, should be shoveling out gigabytes of data, with photos and video, of what is being done where.

Is that being done? Or are we just getting (as I am from my limited internet access due to infrastructure issues directly related to Katrina and the response (i.e, the military networks are abuzz with planning and execution traffic - and several key paths are down or damaged because of the hurricane) all the horror, but not any coherent sense of what's being done?

Because I've been emailing and IM'ing with "Friends in the business" and I *know* stuff is being done... but I've gotten no sense of it from the news.

Just curious. I know some of you are probably living in front of your TV sets. Whassup?

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