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August 28, 2005

Happy Birthday, Cricket!!

The gravity well surrounding Bill's Natal Day almost sucked in another celebration! Our favorite Castle Chef and lady of many talents, Cricket, is celebrating a birthday!

The Castle Chef's!

Well, okay, it was yesterday... Boq, pass around the wet noodles later. *sigh*

But enough of that. It's time for all Castle Denizens and visitors to share virtual offerings for the Birthday Girl. In case you aren't sure what to get, I have handy a little list for guidance.

When asked to list what she would acquire if money were no object,
Cricket gave the following answer :


200 acres minimum. Totally off the grid.

Flying lessons.

Housekeeping staff.

Ten bedrooms and a bath to each one. Indoor pool with retractable
ceiling for those sunny days.

Fully equipped kitchen.

This would be on the beach or up in the Rockies.
Castle Denizens would be welcome, as well as the local knavery from VC.

On the acreage: Food critters and orchards of trees. A greenhouse.
Formally landscaped front garden, kitchen garden out back.

Also a range for practicing shooting of guns, arrows and even rubber bands and super soakers.

A lake for either paddling a canoe, fishing or water skiing.


For my own gift, I offer this lovely Colorado bed and breakfast. If
it's not quite large enough, we can add rooms!

Let the Comment Party begin!