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August 26, 2005

Active Duty Milblogger WARNO.

Good idea, Boq!


And, a WARNO (warning order) for milbloggers who still hold clearances.

There was a new "CSA Sends" that went out two days ago if you want to go find it in your AO. Alternatively, log in to AKO, do a search on "CSA and VCSA OPSEC Guidance " and it will pop right up.

Can't post it because it has an FOUO marking on it.

Bottom line is - the Army in general (and the Chief specifically addresses blogs, too) are blowing OPSEC in postings and on the UNCLAS networks. An example we unwittingly abetted here at the Castle is the TF160 email I posted. Unknown to me, the email contained a Code Word reference (elided when it was pointed out to me by someone who *did* know) - but things like that, and more, is what General Schoomaker is talking about - building on the M1 Tank photos debacle of a couple of years ago. Those I did sit on (getting scooped by Matt at Blackfive because of it, waaaaah!) because I couldn't believe they weren't at *least* FOUO. Turned out they should have been, but once they hit the Internet the Army had no choice but to let that one roll over.

But one reason a lot of the good stuff is hiding behind firewalls is because the Bad Guys are reading and adapting - NETCOM tracks who is on the networks, and the jihadis are there, reading, sharing, learning.

We can talk all day about the pros and cons of what's more important, the flow of information, or the hoarding of it, but the point is that the active duty milbloggers (and those of us who hold clearances, regardless) need to keep an eye on what we post and how it's sourced - because the Chief just told all our bosses to keep an eye on it... and because we don't want to be unintentional little Kossacks and DU'ers, giving aid and comfort to the enemy. The TF 160 email was a kick in the teeth to me, so I'm trying harder, too.

But remember - the CSA just kicked your bosses in the teeth - which means weaker of them are going to go overboard in erring on the side of caution, which means pressure on you. Maintain a 360 scan guys, and when in doubt - don't post it. Ask. You can always post it later, or turn it into a book after the war is over. You'll get a *lot* more for it if you've got the skillz and patience!

Don't be the guy who hurts this puppy!


Dadmanly and Blackfive are also on it.

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