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August 25, 2005

Happy Birthday, Bill!

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I started reading The Castle over a year ago, and then, in the fall last year, this guy started making some really cool comments on John's posts. I didn't know who he was, and he had this secret agent code name, CW4BillT. Now, I figured his name was Bill (duh), but wot in the heck was CW4?
So.... I sheepishly asked John. "Um, John... who's this CW4 guy, and what does that mean?"
I'm sure he rolled his eyes, giggled, and replied "Chief Warrant Officer. You can just call him Chief, or Bill."
"OK! Kewl! Thanks, John! He makes some really great comments- I'd love to email him personally. Do you know his address?"
"Just click on his name on any comment he's made- it will give you his real email address."

Great! So I sent this phantom person an email. And he replied! And I found out he was WAY cool. Since that first email, we've shared many messages to each other. He also started posting at The Castle himself. So for his BIRTHDAY (cue music, cake, party beverages, and dancing).... I thought I would share some of my favorite posts by my bestest blogbud, Bill. I'm sure you all have your favorites too- share them in comments or email me, and I'll post them here.

This early post introduced us all to The Scruples.

The Scruples have their own language, and classic lines like "hzzzzz. bassackwards. must roll in dough first before make cookie."

He kept up with old friends in new places.

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And he has told fantastic TINS- like how to fly your Cobra sideways, why pilots hate wires, bragging rights, and how to avoid a heat-seeking missile.

The man has some skillz... what can I say? It's no wonder we miss him when he's gone.

And he's more than willing to share his pilot knowledge.

He's also an excellent cook, did you know that?

And... his name has changed, to CW4(ret)BillT.

But no matter if you call him Chief, or Bill, or Muffy, or pencil-neck, sunken chest geek.... I'll always call him friend.

Happy Birthday, Bill. Now... LET THE COMMENT PARTY BEGIN!

JMH sent me this little gem: I had no idea Bill also flew (on) jets....

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