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August 22, 2005

Cleaning up the inbox before I go play...

Some other stuff besides partying to talk about today... Supporting the Military Part II will be up shortly, and I've got time enough to squeeze these in before I head off to visit the Midway.

MSG Keith, former Castle Correspondent from Afghanistan, invites you to read about the U.S. Joint Military Skills Training Center, where he currently works.

At The World According to Nick - RINOs have been sighted! The Hunt Is On!

On the subject of the ACLU, Castle Argghhh! has both supporters and detractors.

Jay is a pretty serious detractor. He's fundraising to buy an ad in the Washington Times, interviewing former ACLU lawyers, he's keeping track of their losses, and notes, that while they hate the 10 Commandments, the Koran seems to be okay... okay, there actually *is* logic in the approach they are taking... though you'd think for consistency, they would be working to get the Bible out, not the Koran in to the Courts. How dare *anyone* be allowed to invoke God on a legal matter?