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August 19, 2005

Getting Ready to head to 'Dago...

Building on Bill's theme below here's some relief from Cindy Sheehan, Madonna, the BTK Killer, Global Warming, and high gas prices.

Good day for the Navy: USS Constitution versus HMS Guerrière.

19 August, 1942.Hard-ass Canadians.

Two hard-ass Americans:

CAPT Brian Chontosh. H/t, Bob S.

Cecil Matheny (this link will change, better read it today!) H/t, Jim C.

Best.Movie.Line.Ever! Again, H/t, Jim C.

And then there's this: Another published milblogger! Woo-woo!


Contact: LeeAnn Lessard

LBF Books, Public Relations

Pittsburgh , PA



New Book Detailing the Everyday Life of an American Soldier's Experience with The War on Terror from LBF Books

PITTSBURGH, PA , Aug. 18 - LBF Books to publish Soldier Life: A Day in the Life of an American Soldier (ISBN 1-885093-44-6 ). The book details the author's experiences while deployed and back home, weaving a gut-wrenching, heartfelt tapestry of experiences and emotions unique to soldiers' living and dying in this war. American Soldier's work comprised of elements drawn from his critically acclaimed and widely read weblog (, aims to bring the grim, yet human face of war to readers everywhere.

The author, writing under a pseudonym to protect his identity, delivers a first-person account of the constantly changing world of an American Soldier attempting to balance both family and responsibility while enduring the reality of war. Soldier Life: A Day in the Life of an American Soldier chronicles the events engulfing modern day patriots, and the hardships he willingly endured to ensure safety and security of family and country left behind.

Soldier Life: A Day in the Life of an American Soldier is required reading for those looking for an intimate insight into the minds of fathers, husbands, and warriors serving in this war.

LBF Books plans to release Soldier Life: A Day in the Life of an American Soldier in December, 2005.

American Soldier & LBF Books will be donating a large portion of the proceeds to Soldiers Angels ( and Operation Troop Appreciation ( Both organizations are federally recognized programs that assist Troops abroad with care packages and items needed while deployed.