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August 18, 2005

Taking care of business.

Tomorrow, the Castle Traveling Roadshow takes off for San Diego. I've got a little corporate training to attend, and intend to hunt up ways to leverage what we do in our local office with what our firm does in San Diego for the Navy. SWWBO, travelin' gal that she is, is gonna use up one of her free plane tickets and some hotel points so we can have a cheap mini-vacation. Joanie of Da Goddess is our entertainment director, and newly-wed Sean of Doc In The Box is hosting a BBQ on Sunday, where we're going to meet a bunch of local bloggers (that list is being managed by Sean, who knows what he can support)! I know the San Diego Zoo and the museums at Balboa Park are on the list - mebbe a visit to the Midway, as she's in port (snerk), and who knows what else. Joanie has all the energy, we'll just follow interestedly in her wake... We'll be back on Wednesday, I'm sure some reportage will come out of it all. Moving on...

Update: Heh. If only our traffic matched our linkage, we'd have skewed the curve - with our Joint Service Blog. Rusty Shackelford does a rough comparison of the military service of 101st Keyboardist Bde, vice the Chicken Little Brigade.

Barb points out that this is what happens when you Jump The Shark and become a cartoon.

Kapitalismo is a bit conflicted, finding he lives near a terrorist-wannabe. Smack in the middle of the country.

Jay of Stop The ACLU offers up some history of the organization... perhaps some of the supporters of the ACLU who I know lurk here will offer up some defenses.

The Confederate Yankee asks you to choose a side.

Mrs. Greyhawk gives us the Dawn Patrol.

Speaking of Ms. Sheehan, what about these guys? The You Don't Speak For Me Tour? More here, and catch the video at the bottom. H/t, Joe W.

Ah, the Wonderful World of the Mind of Disney. H/t, Alphecca.

Speaking of Alphecca, Jeff gives us his Weekly Check on the Bias against guns. Note the bit from the Mayor of Toronto, Canada. I suspect the Mayor would wet his tighty-whities at the sight of the Basement of Argghhh!

No one has griped about the lack of pictures of late. As many of you know, I got creamed by thoughtless people who hotlinked a video, sucking thirty-two thousand views of a 2 meg vid. Yeah, 32K. Which simply creamed my Fototime bandwidth, 32.7 gigs of bandwidth, vice the 20 I pay for. Hence, pic posting has taken a serious hit, and the blog had to be rebuilt, too. But, I've got *some* juice left, and I think we needa picture! Of something artillery-like. Modern. Yeah, that's the ticket. How about the brand-spanking-new Stryker 120mm Mortar Carrier? Firing? Yeah, baby!

View image

Even though it may seem like we're in a pause-ex, we aren't. Project Valour-IT is still on-going. Over $7,000 has been raised so far, and the first set of laptops is getting prepped for delivery to Bethesda next week. We'll keep you informed!

Meanwhile - This is the Roll of Identified Supporting Blogs! If you aren't on it - drop me a note and we'll fix that!

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