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August 17, 2005

A Trifecta! All three of us in one day!

The Admiral of the Moat fleet points out this new weapon system for us Powerpoint Rangers engaged in inter-office squabbles. (.ru site, NETCOM may not let you in, check back from home... what? People surf here while at the office? Snerk!) H/t to the traveling 'phibian, Cdr Salamander.

Heh. Don Surber has the *Real Story* behind why the Washington Post pulled out of the 9/11 Parade.

If you weren't already part of his Instalanche, the Confederate Yankee has been keeping an eye on the media keeping an eye on the media keeping an eye on the protesters in Crawford. Yeah, I said that.

Heh. SWWBO was ahead of the curve on this one!

Speaking of SWWBO - she did what most of you will not - (I won't), she ventured onto Daily Kos to try to drum up some support for Project Valour-IT.
Go read her adventures in The Land of the Kossacks.

Oh, and Kossacks - Yes, this guy was dumb. And wrong. But, as SWWBO notes, when I see you guys condemning this, I'll be a little more attentive to your plaintive whines on "Where is the condemnation of The Right over this horrible act of wanton destruction!" Oh, that's right - I forgot - unless they've clawed their way by themselves out of the womb, they aren't people, so, there wasn't any real vandalism, anyway. Feh.

And now we know. Maybe. Spontaneous Human Combustion.