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August 16, 2005

Tuesday's ruminations.

Okay, I've got some obligations to meet! Like, some content (though we appreciate Dusty taking a breather from Training Hard For His New Job (*not* a snark, but truth) and lobbing in a post!

For a little insight into bloggers that the Left would *still* mostly call neocons or worse, but refuse to read their orders from Karl Rove - see what the RINO-Bloggers are blathering about over at Balloon Juice.

Tim Blair has a hoot of a post titled "Onan the Historian." I admit, I sometimes think about buying a four-wheel drive vehicle... but only old ones that were (or are) armed. Apropos the post - I wonder if Chris Sheils understands the difference between hits and visits. This year the Castle has had over 8 million hits to date, but only 884,473 visits (not counting 'bots etc). Given 363K uniques, some of you have actually statistically visited *twice*! 8^D Anyway, if Chris is truly counting hits... his blog had a pathetic readership. But I'm guessing hits vice visits is turning into one of those things like clips vice magazines (which ain't the same thing, but the Vox Populi is changing that, and soon the dictionaries will agree, and *I'll* be the illiterate mumbling into my beard slumped in a nasty, dark, urine-smelling doorway clutching my Colt 45)

General Hillier, Chief of Defence Staff in Canada, is an interesting fellow. He took himself and his senior enlisted service member, Chief Warrant Officer Daniel Gilbert... and joined the Reserves. At Canada's second-most popular tourist attraction. As staff. Now, that should make you want to click here. Good on yaz, gentlemen. Good on yaz.

The Gunner in me can't resist this: Gun race team performs at Canadian War Museum Ah, there's nothing like a race to take apart a howitzer, get it past an obstacle, and reassemble it.

On a more serious Canadian note - two of their Peacekeepers were wounded.

And here we are again, playing a little catch-up, with Canadian and US veterans of the First Special Service Force, better known as The Devil's Brigade.

Does anyone think this discussion would have happened absent the blogosphere?

Ummmm, Transformation! Gimme summa dat!

Okay, you got this far. You *really* like this computer thing, doncha? All the kewl content, pretty pictures, funny stuff, news, etc. And you don't think twice about pulling down that old favorites list, typing in a url, adding comments, even doing a little on-line shopping, right?

Great! Why don't you join the more than 40 blogs of the Castle Argghhhh! Fighting Fusileers For Freedom and give our combat wounded whose injuries mean they don't the same options you have - the one you are exercising, right here, right now. Because they can't type, or, in some cases, read the screen.

Just click on the picture.


If you're a blogger, joining the Fusileers is easy - link to this post. Push Project Valour-IT on your blog. Tell your friends - and we'll add you to the blogroll.

Don't have a blog? No worries - we need media exposure, too. Grab this press release and send it to your local TV, radio, and newspaper outlets.

Want more info - click here.

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