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August 15, 2005

Not One of the Left's Finer Moments...

Methinks Cindy has already jumped the shark.

The stuff coming out of her mouth now is schizophrenic--disjointed, unfocused, paranoid and just plain weird. The shrillness, and downright unhinged nature of, this woman's latest rants inspires pity, not anger.

This is not meant as a political or personal slam. Really. Really. I honestly think this poor woman is literally mad with grief (understandable) and people around her of the Kos persuasion have fanned those flames of rage, pain and loss in her to satisfy their desperate need to attack the object of their own pain--a popular President who they detest with all the virulence true believers can muster.

A mother who has lost her son is as a good a surrogate as any, I guess. Cindy may very well have been against the war for cogent reasons, but the rhetoric has now become pure theater, of the Tom-Robbins-Susan-Sarandon-Michael-Moore-Off-Broadway stripe. Too bad.

There will come a moment, however, when God will put a hand on her shoulder in a quieter moment and whisper, "I love you and am always with you. And your son has always been with me."

Update: Inserting myself here because I can... right up the alley with Dusty's observations... let's put Cassandra's, at Villainous Company...

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