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August 15, 2005

On the periphery

This in from Jay at StoptheACLU: "According to ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero, the real reason the Pentagon is trying to stop the release of the new video and photos is because it demonstrates 'the failure of American leaders who placed our young men and women in compromising situations and are now seeking to blame them for it'..."

Interesting. If Romero had said that during the Second World War, he'd have been popped into a Federal pen faster than you can say al-Jazeera.

Follow the al-Jazeera link in his post--lots of interesting moonbat comments. Just don't peruse them with a mouthful of coffee...

And American Churches have discovered that turning the other cheek when smitten by the ACLU only results in being smitten afresh, then grabbed by the nose and kicked in the butt. Some of them are getting fed up and looking to mobilize.

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Speaking of mobilizing, Sarge B, the webmaster of the Valour-IT site, has sounded a call for volunteers. Any technogeeks looking to add "Saint" to your resumes, give him a holler!