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August 13, 2005

Saturday Morning rambles

Okay, how about some *content* and not just beggin' for bucks...

F-15 Shuttle CAP. Kewl.

Today is the Natal Day of the Admiral of the Moat Fleet! Go visit Barb and join the party!

I've been ignoring Cindy Sheehan. She gets enough exposure, eh? But I'll point you to Mohammed of Iraq The Model for his take on Ms. Sheehan.

ALa of Blonde Sagacity is hosting the 52nd (1 year!) edition of Carnival of the Recipes! Go here for links to all 52!

Jack at Random Fate has asked who, especially at the political level, is doing any outside-of-the-box thinking regarding Iraq. Read this Jack - and see where it came from, and who sent it out to whom. It's not everybody you want, but it's a start, Jack. I will admit, I don't think that the economic analysis contained herein is much deeper than PC-speak, but there is some interesting stuff to think about.

If, after that, you have any brain cells left - consider this piece by Henry Kissinger on Exit Strategies, Pitfalls and Traps Therein Contained.

For someone like me, who observed firsthand the anguish of the original involvement in Vietnam during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, and who later participated in the decisions to withdraw during the Nixon administration, Casey's announcement revived poignant memories. For a decision to withdraw substantial U.S. forces while the war continues is a potentially fateful event. It affects the calculations of insurgents and government forces alike, so that the definition of progress becomes nearly as much a psychological as a military judgment. Every soldier withdrawn represents a larger percentage of the remaining total. The capacity for offensive action of the remaining forces shrinks. Once the process is started, it runs the risk of operating by momentum rather than by strategic analysis, and that process is increasingly difficult to reverse.

Gun Nuts will be interested in the Carnival of Cordite #26.

Jeff at Alphecca has a new look, and takes a look at the greatest killer of cops... cars. And let us not forget the current edition of his mostly weekly Check on the Bias in the Media Against Guns.

More stuff as the spirit moves me, and the Honey-do list allows.