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August 13, 2005

Project Valour-IT Update.


The project is up and running. Three laptops and associated software have been purchased and sent on their way. We've had some biiig donations, and lots and lots and lots of small donations. I'll have some figures later.

Update: Oops. Just like in all military operations... the first report is wrong. Well, not wrong, but not complete...

Three laptops and associated software have been purchased and sent on their way.

Clarification: That's the goal for next week. We have to double-check
with a supplier to make sure we can purchase it piecemeal like that.
Should be a "go," though...

We've set up a blog for the Project, ably hosted by SGT B of The Gun Line. Click here to visit the Project Blog.

This being the weekend, and traffic will be light, I'll be spending the weekend doing some prep to try for a blitz next week.

Thus far, we've scored National Review Online and MSNBC. I have dreams of going farther than that.

We need to broaden our recruiting. The more links to the project we have... the more people see the links... the more people donate!

It's really that simple.

This is the Roll of Identified Supporters! If you aren't on it - drop me a note and we'll fix that!

This is the javascript version. If you need the RSS/PHP etc versions, let me know and I'll shoot 'em to you.


Press Release is available by clicking here.

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