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August 11, 2005


This is an astral projection of me, I'm still being lazy.

Earth to NORAD: I am a farking Warrior. And a Soldier. And Soldier-Warriors are Brave. Celts were Warriors. Angles were Warriors. Burgundians were warriors, too, just for a few non-Native examples. And many were also Soldiers. And they used Shields. And Arrows. And Bows. And Spears. Many used Feathers in their accouterments. And *gasp* rode Horses. And there were a *Hell* of a lot more of them in aggregate than there have *ever* been Pre-European-Arrival residents on this continent. And, in other words, represent the ethnic heritage of a *lot* of white, and, dare I mention Asian, residents of this piece of dirt. But, because someones panties get in a twist, all of a sudden, *that* whole heritage goes out the window? Get a grip.



But, do they? Really? Got a petition or something? No, I don't think you do... and I bet there are far more Native Americans who actually like that kind of thing than resent it. In many aspects, those names can be gestures of Respect, warrior to warrior. But we can't have that, can we? Nooo.

"We did change them because of the references to Native Americans," Sgt. Tomassi said. "And the initiative wasn't U.S. or Canadian. It was just NORAD. We are sensitive to such issues. We don't have a professional sports team like the Washington Redskins. But we still are sensitive to the same sorts of issues that those organizations are. When Admiral Keating arrived, the staff was already in progress, saying this was an initiative we wanted to take on, and Admiral Keating embraced it."

And I bet the PAO staff let poor SGT Tomassi be the spokesman because there wasn't an officer willing to have their name in the Washington Post attached to this article.

While I think the recent NCAA decision is dumb, this is so mind-crushingly, spirit-draining dumb as to be beyond words. (for an interesting and surprisingly readable view on the mascot issue - go read this Kossack)

Oh, please, please, please - release the Staff Study you guys put together for this. I would *love* to see it.

Admiral Keating, I know you don't give a flying flip - and I doubt you're going to see this screed, nor care if somehow you do - but this is embarrassing.

I can understand Operation Indian Brave, or Cherokee Forge or somesuch (though, again, show me the significant number of Native Americans who are just sent round the bend by that) - but now Operation Certain Shield and Victory Spear are out... and I guess that the "Brave Rifles" of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment are just chapping your collective pansy asses there, seeing as how they are based at Fort Carson, just down the road from your Hole-in-the-Mountain... I mean, gee, just look how insensitve their newsletter is... Blood and Steel? I hope you can do something about that, too, while you're at it, Admiral.

Admiral Keating, I christen thee the NORth American Sensitivity Supervisor.

And for you sailors who read this space... howinthehell did you breed this guy?

This rant is all SWWBO's fault.

Anyway - A Contest! Let's open up a list of Non-Offensive Operation/Exercise names that we can forward to NORAD to help them in their Quest for Sensitivity!

Remember - nothing bold or warlike... because someone, somewhere, might get offended.

Have at it.

Update: BTW - according to my source in the Canadian Forces... CAPT H, they don't seem to mind the name Warrior...

And, sadly for the Admiral - the Army Just Doesn't Get It, what with that new UAV, and the Warrior Ethos and all... heck, they're even pushing movies with it...

I'm sorry, NORAD, this is just frickin' pathetic.


After you make your clever opname submissions - Click the graphic and Join the Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom! in support of Project Valour-IT! I suppose that ought to be renamed too, because it might shame those so famously chapped by Shakespeare's Henry the V,

"...And Gentlemen in England still abed shall think themselves accursed they were not here, and hold their manhoods cheap whilst any speak that fought with us upon St. Crispin's Day..."


(BTW - if you're supporting this effort but haven't had a ping show up - drop me a note, I'm building a blogroll)

And don't forget - even though the cartoon is gone - don't forget to Click for Cathy!


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