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August 10, 2005

Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom!


As you can see in the post below - the Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom have received an OpOrd for Project Valour-IT.

The Recruiting Depot is open.

The last two times the Fusileers marched, we were raising money to help the Iraqis, via Spirit of America.

This time - we march for our own. The wounded. Specifically, the wounded whose injuries make it difficult or impossible for them to use computers. Castle Denizen and Fusileer Captain Fuzzybear Lioness has worked hard with Soldier's Angels to arrange for steeply discounted laptops and voice-control software to be made available at the major treatment facilities where these wounded warriors are being treated.

All we need is, of course, the money to pay for this.

How are we going to do that? Simple.

I'm gonna flog yer butts. Total cost of the whole thing is $600K Yes, six hundred thousand dollars. And we're gonna do it. Lots and lots of little donations, and of course, arm twisting for larger donations from Corporate and Foundation types.

I challenge the Blog World. Right, Center, Left. Show that you *do* support the troops - because this isn't about the war, this doesn't support the Administration, and I don't care if you want to use this as a way to *flog* the administration. This is about nothing more than us caring for our combat wounded, regardless of what you think about the war. Punish the politicians at the ballot box - but support the troops in the hospitals.

If you want to join the Fusileers for this round, drop a note to

If you want to form your own group - get cracking.

The work won't be that hard - if you are a prolific poster just a post a day, with a link to the Project in it. If you post once a week - well, just keep a post up where visitors can see it.

More info forthcoming.

Anybody - we need a sexy graphic! Until then - click the poster below to donate!


Press release is available by clicking here.

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