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August 09, 2005

*tap, tap* Izzis thing on?

Um, Big-Tribble-With-Legs ast me to see if t'ere is anyone out t'ere willin' to do some graphics work for the Upcoming Project?

An' he wants ta know if anyone wants ta sign up early!

If ya wan' ta be a plank holder of t'is effort ta help da wounded soljers what can't use t'er paws so well, send yer enlistment forms to Too bad dey don't have tails, ya kin t'ype wit' a tail! Like me!

Many jobs r' 'vailable! Fuzzy n' Bill's gon' need pipple ta do stuff on t'eir blogs, like gettin' da werd out, and runnin' contests, and ya kin always just, well, y'know, give... when da time comes 'n we're ready. An t'ey need a kewl logolishus grap'ical t'ingy!

So, be a trendy type 'n jine early!

Me? I'm gon' go back ta groomin' mese'f and lookin ouda winder and pesterin' the Exterior Guard! 'Specially the little tricksy one...

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