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August 09, 2005

John Is Still Alive

And he still has my e-addy. I guess this means I'm *off* probation, cuz he sent the following my way:

In response to Damien Cave's essay in the New York Time, which asked the question "Where Are the War Heroes?", I've declared the week of August 7 through August 14 WAR HEROES WEEK on my blog. I will be featuring stories about the heroes of the War on Terror, some from my website AMERICAN HEROES, and some new stories.

Heroes like Paul Smith, Medal of Honor, do receive some publicity from the Old Media. But there are others, like Capt. Kellie McCoy whose only recognition may be in the press release issued by the military. I hope to change that, just a little, by featuring these men and women this week.

Chuck Simmins
You Big Mouth, You!

I like the way Chuck thinks...