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August 09, 2005

Operations Order

Lessee, here. *flip. flip. flip* Doggone it, they re-wrote the OpOrd format again?!?


Okay. Unaccustomed as I am to using plain English, here’s the hot-off-the-‘lectronic-machine update for Fuzzybear Lioness’ crusade to get voice-to-print software and training for our troops who’ve been maimed in the GWOT…

FbL and the Soldiers’ Angels have been busy:
-- Holly Aho’s been working her pulchritudinous posterior off updating the SA site.
-- Patti Bader and FbL have been racking up the long-distance minutes like tomorrow’s already here.
-- The Powers-That-Be at Bethesda Naval Hospital are ecstatic about being asked to be the testbed site for the Project.
-- Scansoft, the folks with the voice-recognition program, whacked a huge chunk off the up-front cost of the software, in response to some persuasive rhetoric from a "former" Marine.
-- The hardware dealer is providing laptops -- P3, 1 Gig, 512 MB RAM, 20 Gig hard drive, WiFi, DVD-ROM and Windows 2000/XP -- at a humongous discount.

Tomorrow, 10 August, it’s our turn. Assume your Fighting Fusileers personae and hit the ground running. Tell your friends and neighbors, your co-workers, your in-laws, the kid on the skateboard who just cut a 360 on the sidewalk. And make it a point to seek out the ones who’ve been pontificating about “supporting the troops but not the mission,” cuz it’s time for them to prove it...

Special Instructions for Denizen/Denizenne Bloggers: hit FbL’s site before you post your own plugs and click on “e-mail me” -- she’ll send you an Info Guide with all the particklars.

This one’s for the troops, folks. A lot of them had a big hand in keeping the flow of information coming from the Sandboxes when the MSM abrogated their responsibility to provide same. Getting them the hardware and software to get them reconnected is a tangible “Thank you. We appreciate what you did for us.”

And they’ll need training on the software. I’ll talk about the need for volunteers later, but keep this in mind -- you won’t find a more superb bunch of people to work with than the staff at Bethesda. My word on it -- and not from hearsay.

See you guys tomorrow…

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