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August 08, 2005

Warning Order


In accordance with Commander's Directive of 07 AUG 05, the undersigned assumes BlogControl.

Hang on--it may be a bumpy ride...


Now, about that Warning Order:


a. Denizenne Fuzzybear Lioness entered on a quest last week to provide computer accessibility to veterans with injuries that temporarily or permanently prevent them from using a conventionally-equipped computer. Her latest update references the need for a name for the project -- Admiral of the Moat Fleet Boquisucio has contributed The SFC Charles V. Ziegenfuss Heroes’ Electronically-Assisted Reach to Text Project (The SFC Ziegenfuss HEART Project); other candidates include Getting Injured Veterans Electronically-connected (Project GIVE) and a variation, Getting Injured Veterans Electronically Reconnected (Project GIVER).

b. The quest has become a crusade. With allies. The Project Site will be Soldiers' Angels Homepage. The site is presently being upgraded and should be ready on the proposed launch date of Wednesday, 10 AUG 05.


a. All Denizens, Denizennes, Visitors and Lurkers are directed to utilize the link in para 1a (oh, all right -- here) ASAP and either suggest or vote for a name for the project. Yes, it seems like a trivial request, but it *is* important for accountability during the fundraising.

b. On order, all Denizens, Denizennes, Visitors and Lurkers are directed to be prepared to activate their Fighting Fusileer personnae for the fray.

c. Operations Order to follow.

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