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August 07, 2005

Blog Hiatus.

I just realized that this thing is taking up too much of my life, at least at the moment. Work, personal, hell, sleep, sometimes. And I find myself talking in circles, and wondering what I'm going to put up tomorrow to feed the beast. Mind you - you guys aren't the beast - it's me and my ego and the fact that I have that little demon on my back - if I can't do it to the quality I think it oughta be, well, then I don't wanna do it at all. And it's my definition of quality that I'm not making. Perfect being the enemy of good enough. I'm starting to feel like this cannon here.

And there's so much good stuff out there anyway, this corner going dim isn't going to kill anything. Hell, Bill may turn out to be a heckuva show!

I going to be one of those people who just says Enough!

At least for a while.

I'm tired of a$$holes pingspamming, comment spamming, and hotlink-bandwidth-stealing, whether because they don't know any better, or they are just f*cking thieves.

I'm tired of readers with one nerve. I'm tired of whiners. I'm not tired of my buds, mind you - I'll still visit your blogs during my break, no worries. But Bill - if a coupla weeks from now I still feel this way... ya prolly oughta be looking into getting that domain name locked up!

I need a break. So I'm taking one, whatever the cost in traffic and linkage and ecosystem status. Good thing I didn't just decide to do blogads!

And I dunno if I'll come back or not. I might like having time to do something else.

Don't be surprised if this space suddenly 404s.

But if I start feeling like this... I'll be back.