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August 05, 2005

War is hell.

It hurts, too. And it's destructive.

As these pictures show. (via email out of the Multi-National Corps Headquarters)

But this is all part of the duty.

But there are worse things than war. And once you start one, you are riding a tiger.

And nothing is simple. Nor is it easy. And it's never as clean during execution as the historian makes it in retrospect.

Semper Fi, Devil Dogs.


Some, if not most, of the troops left families. While the various Service Branches are fond of repeating that they "take care of their own," Those Who Know realize the caregivers are stretched woefully thin. And some of Those Who Know have created organizations such as the Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation to take up the slack, providing scholarships for the children who will now be seeing their fathers--or mothers--only through the gauzy film of memory.

They're Good Folks, the MC-LEF are. Drop in and visit...

Thanks, guys. Bill

BTW, Fundraisers--don't bother e-m'ing me. My network is strictly off-line.