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August 05, 2005

Denizen Linkfest.

Good stuff from the morning mail and the Denizens!

For you Calvin fans who are *not* Fonda Jane... Hat tip to Morning Sun.

At the Brother's Judd, a little reading of note - it is, afer all, All About Oil, right? The link in the Brother's Judd post is broken - here is the URL to the whole article they are quoting from. Hat tip, Mike D.

More failure on the part of hysterical blue staters to keep their promises... Probably good for Canada, though.

What's wrong with this picture? Aside from the fact this deserting Israeli soldier murdered 4 Isreali Arab citizens, and in fact got lynched himself? The former is terrible and the latter is, well, less terrible in a karmic sense, but not good for maintaining the rule of law - no, I can see all the carp that's wrong with the elements that comprise this story. What just leaves me stunned is this statement from a spokesman for the Palestinian Authority:

"The Israeli government must collect the weapons of the settlers and take steps against the settler leaders because they endanger Palestinian civilians and the general Israeli system," Samir Hileelah, secretary general of the Palestinian cabinet, told AFP.

Um, noted Mr. Hileelah. Now, about Hamas, Hizbollah, etc...? Tend to your own knitting too, eh?

Update: A little more info on the issue, via John M.

"The parents of the murderer, IDF Pvt. Eden Natan-Zada, are pointing an accusing finger at the military, telling the media they called military authorities requesting their son's weapon be taken away from him due to his emotional state. Speaking from her Rishon L'Tzion home, Eden's mother told the media hours following the attack that no one took her words seriously and as a result, the weapon was used to murder innocent people on board the bus traveling from Haifa to Shfaram.

Family members and friends of Natan-Zada told reporters on Thursday night that he did everything possible to persuade IDF authorities that he was unfit for military service. Citing his new Orthodox lifestyle and adamant opposition to the government's Disengagement Plan, Eden explained he was unable to serve in an "organization" that uproots Jews from their homes. Despite his adamant and sincere efforts to impress IDF induction officials with his internal dilemma, he was inducted and assigned to Disengagement-related duties, after which he went absent without leave. "

If true, it's a self-inflicted wound. That said, having dealt with a conscientious objector case, these things aren't easy to sort out in real-time, however obvious they seem after the fact.

Let's check around the Denizen blogroll this morning...

SWWBO is tired of the poking and prodding at Judge Robert's children being adopted. For good reason, I think (and not just because I sleep next to her).

Adjutant Barb discusses guns and carrying same - as do her commenters.

Cassandra at Villainous Company defends the NYTs. Really. I mean it. Well, kinda. Sorta. All right, she doesn't, it's rather tongue-in-cheek... If you don't want to read about the NYT, you could always go read about how we poor soldiers are going/going to go bonkers because of Bush's War. I'll testify here - I have some ghosts, but they don't keep me awake at night. Just sayin'. Castle Philosopher Kat has addressed PTSD before, too. Here and here.

Rammer points out Words Mean Something. Like, what is a useful definition of... "poor?" Yer a heartless man, Rammer. Heartless I tell ya. And yer raisin' heartless kids! Oh, sorry, channeling my sister, there.

Castle Canadian Lefty Alan has been out traveling in the States again. He filters the US through interesting goggles... no specific post, just start at the top and move down.

The Ever-prolific Kat wants us to Put a Purple Finger in the Eye of Terrorism, then tells us why she doesn't watch CNN (Sorry, Montieth), and reviews Episode II of "Over There."

AFSis's post on "Who's to Blame" regarding parental responsibility for a child's behavior has gotten some interesting stuff in the comments - and she's doing the Flappy Bird Dance!

I'm not skipping Random Fate - he gets a post all to himself, later on!

Sergeant B asks, "But Why The Infantry?"

Fuzzybear Lioness tells you why it's important. We may well be activating the Fusileers soon. Keep an eye out for your Recall Notices.

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