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August 03, 2005

Paper targets fear them...

...and I have no doubt live ones would, too.

Castle Adjutant Barb and the Snarkatron Bad Cat Robot, Denizennes both, did a little shooting yesterday.

BCR has her target posted.

We are, *ahem* waiting on the Adjutant's target pics...

BCR needs to pull back the trigger finger a bit, and not pull so hard - an easy touch will do, and drag that center of mass right where it oughta be.

Not that where it *is* isn't going to be hard on a live target.

Lest anyone snark, the Armorer has posted his sadly deteriorating skillz before, too.

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Here are some more Armorer targets.

Update: Okay, so Barb did post one some time in the past... Last night! Last Night! Last Night! The Peasants with Pitchforks are roaring!