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August 03, 2005

Stephen Vincent, RIP.

Castle Philosophotrix Kat is all over the murder of journalist Stephen Vincent in Basra. Wonder if the Religion of Peace, "all cultures are equal" crowd in the MSM will examine the down side of this... of course they will. It's Bush's fault, right? Kat is far more informed on all this than I am. I'll leave the rest in her capable hands.

If you never read his blog, In the Red Zone, you should have because he had the low down about the Shia Islamists having taken over the city. He interviewed them. He drank tea with them. But he always wrote the truth about it. The good and the bad.

And it was bad. The reports about prostitutes and other "undesirables" being murdered came from him. But he also took time to meet with some of the interesting people, such as the woman who proclaimed there would be women's rights, but insisted that it came from Islam while she wore a full abaya when she met him, only her eyes showing.

He brought a part of Iraq to the outside world that the rest of the media ignored.

Go, read about it here.