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August 03, 2005

Haze Grey and at anchor... and other things as the muse seizes me.

Fleet Week in Seattle! At least the Blues in Seattle haven't driven the Navy away like the Blues in San Francisco did...

As I've noted before - some people take their re-enacting very seriously...

But almost everybody, for some reason, likes to play the losers...

Though there are always a few who are willing to play the Good Guys.

One thing about re-enacting... I've noted this at Civil War events (except the ones where the *Extreme* guys go...) and it's apparent at this WWII event...

Re-enacting soldiers are *much* better fed and under-exercised than actual troops on ops.

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I just don't think an early-war, much less late-war Waffen-SS formation would have bellybumpers of quite this magnitude... "Sergeant Shulz! I need you!"

Steiner would eat these guys for a snack. (this movie is one of the few that is *almost* as good as the book, which is sadly no longer available). And before I get snarked... yes, I know Steiner is not SS, work with me here, 'k?)

Update #1. From an email:

Sometimes even a Non-Lethal Attack can be Lethal

LTC Carl Ayers, Commander 9th PSYOP BN, describing the death of an Iraqi Border Guard in Western Iraq. The cause of death was a box of leaflets that fell out of a MC-130 Combat Talon when a static line broke. The box impacted on the Iraqi’s Guard’s head and 9th PSYOP BN may have achieved the first enemy KIA of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

A new frontier in Information Operations?

Moving on - Bloodspite points out that, at least at some academic institutions... the Beancounters aren't anti-military!

Update #2: CAPT H points us to Tit For Tat. Indeed.