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August 01, 2005

Lunch break!

I see I'm coming to this late, but at least I come to it honestly... The Best Army Academia Money Can Buy. Hat tip to Jim C for the email.

Via Free Market Fairey Tales: The Queen is taking the Islamofascists seriously. H/t, CAPT H.

Boquisucio provides this link to Stupid Soldier Tricks. Via these guys.

Need some reading? How about this blog-driven effort about a LRRP team in Vietnam?

Chapter 1, Introduction: The first in a seven-part series about jealousy, truth, and honor between men who fought in a place called Vietnam.

Written by Kit Jarrell and Heidi Thiess

If that interests you, click here.

The RINO Carnival is up at All Things Jennifer

Cassandra at Villainous Company had an interesting post called "Stalking the Feminist Republican" to which I responded somewhat tongue-in-cheek. After a lengthy lead-in to set-up why she's about to go seemingly out-of-character, you get to the Heart of the Matter:

Confession time here. I get angry as hell sometimes at modern culture.

I think it's sick. I think it has become twisted and warped. Sometimes I am glad I don't have a daughter: honestly, I don't know what I'd tell a young girl growing up in today's world. It pisses me off (yes, that's a very strong word, but you should hear what is in my mind) when I'm sitting in the doctor's office reading Cosmo Grrrrl, for God's sake, and I spy an article saying that women should all go in and get about 1/3 of their intimate tresses removed because most men are so used to watching porn that they have become "accustomed" to seeing a nicely-trimmed mons Venus. Oh, and honey: most men surveyed said don't have it all removed because that just totally creeps them out.

I left my tired, weak comment, and didn't think any more about it. Comes then this mornings email, with a bit from the Target of the Armorer's Hairy Eyeball, Ryan, pointing out Grim of Grim's Hall response to Cassie, called Beauty and Misogyny, in which he kicks back the blame, refusing to accept it:

I think we need to get one thing clear. "Men" are not asking you to do any of this stuff.

When was the last time a man said, "And be sure to spend twenty minutes preparing yourself before we go out to the grocery store"?

I don't like lipstick. I've been trying to talk my wife out of it for years. She insists. "Hey, how about running out and grabbing a box of baking soda at the gas station?" Not until she's had a chance to shower, put on fresh clothes, and a little makeup...

Both of these authors identify genuinely awful trends, to which I'll gladly add a few more: body piercing, tattoos, hair-dying with harsh chemicals, wearing high heels even of the less-punishing variety. The problem is that everybody wants to lay this right down at the feet of men.

You can read his whole screed by clicking here.

Now all this finally kicked my interest up several notches. Not because of the argument -but essentially because of Grim's use of the term Misogyny. Which leads me down the path of misogyny in the blogosphere. Has anyone noticed besides me that female bloggers of the Right seem to attract a *lot* of a$$hole, personal attack, completely off the point commenters? Much less than male bloggers? I only know two somewhat lefty female bloggers, and they also have the problem, though it doesn't seem as bad. But since I don't read many lefty blogs, I freely admit I have a very limited window into that side. But I notice that even relatively small readership blogs attract these a$$hats, much less high-traffic/linked ones like Michelle Malkin. Just makes me wonder about the medium and who inhabits it. SWWBO has her share of buttheads (not counting her stalker Don) and yet I hardly ever have a troll, much less anything at all like the dolts who seem to hit the ladies on their blogs.

Anyway, to drag this stream-of-conciousness back to the Cassandra-Grim theme... is it just me, or isn't the type of thing that Cassie and Grim are talking about - and the industries underlying and pushing it - bastions of leftist thinking and politics? The Fashion and Porn Industries? I admit, I have no idea of the politics of the Make-Up Industry... other than the Mary Kay Commandoes of Bloom County fame...

Anybody got any thoughts?

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