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August 01, 2005

Monday, Monday...

King Fahd of Saudi Arabia is dead. Aside from Franco-style Saturday Night Live jokes, I wonder if that means anything in the fight? Like, will the jihadis come forth in Saudi Arabia and make themselves available for lead poisoning? Whuff. Of course, if they come out into the open and *win*... we may find out, over time, what *is* on the target lists.

Finally. *Someone* is fighting the war on new fronts.

Some of you have been interested in anti-sniper tech - Strategy Page has an update on the Canadian-built (and used) Ferret system.

Some interesting footnotes in history today...

Here is one for the Castle's loyal Swiss reader, Origen: 1291 Everlasting League formed, basis of the Swiss Confederation. Yet *another* example of why the people should be disarmed, so as not to disturb the powerful in their sleep. William Tell.

1619 First black slaves landed at Jamestown, Virginia. Damned Dutch and Spanish, anyway.

1794 Whiskey Rebellion begins. Several Castle Readers and Blog Buds could probably empathize... at least for using Whiskey as an excuse to rebel...

1834 Slavery abolished in the British Empire. In cosmic terms, it really didn't take us much longer... but it sure was a lot harder.

1914 German Emperor Wilhelm II declares war on his nephew Tsar Nicholas II. The really unrecoverable die is cast. Soon, the Guns of August will be roaring.

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1936 Adolph Hitler opens the 11th Olympic Games in Berlin. Go Jesse!

1940 Soviets occupy Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. The Iron Curtain falls across the Baltic Republics (the brief interlude of German occupation isn't really a bright spot...)

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1943 Blackett Str: "Tokyo Express" to Kolombangara tangles with 15 PT-boats. JFK's PT-109 rammed & sunk by HIJMS Amagiri. Can you imagine, in today's political climate, what the political fringes would do with the PT109 story?

1944 LTG George S. Patton's Third Army begins 281 days of operations.

Before we move on from WWII - let's let Don Surber give us a little peek at some WWII revisionist history... This will just tear at your heart, I'm sure.

'After he was arrested, I never saw him again' "

Who's speaking there? Someone with relatives who ended up in Auschwitz? Nope. A Nanking Chinese? Nope. Tojo's grand-daughter. Yep.

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1958 USS Nautilus attains "90 North". That would be the North Pole for anyone confused by that.

1966 Britain disbands the Colonial Office - the Empire is over. Well, until it reforms again in the prequel, Attack of the Clones... oh, wait - sorry - clash of culutural referents! The Colonial Office didn't last all that long, in terms of British History... but I *do* like this characterization of the founding:

The position was first created in 1768 to deal with the increasingly troublesome North American colonies.

That's us!

1966 UT Austin Massacre: Charles Whitman kills 13 people, wounds 31. Okay, the clock is ticking for the associated cultural referent. Who will be the first...

And here in Kansas City, a$$holes do vex us.

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