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July 27, 2005

Hark! A Snark!

Just because I wanted to make *sure* you guys went and checked it out... Commander Salamander noted my note on the change of GWOT to GSAVE. Now - go check out the 'Phibian's take on that - GETEM!

And if ya think it's funny too, don't link to here unless you *also* link to the Salamander - he deserves the credit! I'll be happy to stand back and watch.

BTW - the Castle Store has been updated with Art of the Liberated! items...

Oh, yeah - and Rammer thought he was gonna sneak through where I work at Fort Leavenworth and not get caught? Puh-leeze! Busted in yer seekrit meeting! (No, Rammer/Punctilious, I *don't* want to know how many times he's already done it! [hands over ears] La-la-la-la-la-la-la!) You are, however, welcome for the break my interruption provided.

While looking for things on Blog O'Ram to link to, Punctilious pointed me to this, at Sondra K's... Why I Am Here? Perhaps Alessandra Stanley, of the NYTs, would care to read that post, if she's so hard put to find news of the warrior.

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