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July 27, 2005

Hmmm. Changing programs, checking guns, and surplus sales..

...when you rename a program, it's usually because it has garnered enough bad publicity that you are trying to drop the baggage. Which means, of course, as an analyst, you dig deeper to see what's being hidden.

Sounds like they do that elsewhwere, too.

I see that Gunner noticed, as well.

While we're doing this - let's link to Alphecca's Weekly Check on the Bias, too! (Worth it for the pics alone!)

Then there's this - calling all old farts! Remember those old Desk, Double Pedestal, Steel, that inhabited the Dayroom, CQ station, First Sergeant's and CO's offices?

Guess what! For Three Thousand Dollars - you can have a restored one! Yessireebob! Courtesy, Restoration Hardware! As observed in the email revealing this Decorator's Dream:

Remember the gray/cream colored steel "Desk, Double Pedestal" that furnished every Army Orderly Room? Restoration Hardware now refurbishes and sells them for $2000! And, you can get a recovered Army swivel chair for $1195!

$3300 for your den to look like a 1985 CQ dayroom. There's something ironically funny going on here. The DRMO staff are all driving Porsches.

Hee! I know better - my ratty unrefinished desk cost me $30 when I bought it at Fort Sill 10 years ago...

Yessir! I already got me a Tanker Desk! And better yet, it still has the markings on it from the old Pershing Missile PM office!

If you want one of your very own, just click here!