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July 24, 2005


Let's see if we can't get Dusty up out of "Having a life defilade..." He's using temporary lodging dial-up as an excuse.

But I *can* report he's having a good time otherwise.

Military Terms and Translations

Army Navy/USMC Air Force
Latrine Head Powder Room
Cot Rack A Single with ruffle and duvet
Mess Hall Chow Hall Cafe'
BDU's Utilities Casual Wear
Private Seaman Bobby or Jimmy
Sergeant Chief Bob or Jim
Colonel Captain / Skipper Robert or James
Article 15 Captain's Mast/Office Hrs Time Out
Barracks Billets Dormitory
Underwear Skivvies Lingerie
Put in confinement facility Thrown in the Brig Grounded

Anybody got some they want to add?

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