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July 20, 2005

I have been chastised.

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A wee Irish-descended hater-of-Sassenachs and Defender of the Faith® bent over and mintily whispered in my ear today... "Today is the Anniversary of the Plot to Kill Hitler! Why don't I see it on Argghhh!?" Okay, he's not-so-wee, but, still, the rest applies.

My response? "I've mentioned it before." Of course, inspecting the archives, I"ve also deleted it for housekeeping purposes. Sigh.

Okay. Today is the 61st Anniversary of the Bomb That Failed. Stauffenberg's major tactical failure? He wanted to survive. He didn't. He didn't survive the day. He should have taken a page from the Mujahideen playbook. He'd have been a real hero then.

Oh, wait. It wasn't written yet. Never mind.

Heck, given what happened to several of the conspirators, he's lucky he just got shot.