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July 20, 2005

Morning Glamour Shots...

Lessee, what's up this morning?

Denizen AFSis had a tough Monday. Go say nice things.

Poor John Roberts. As Confederate Yankee points out - it didn't take the Kossacks long... Right Thoughts caught it too, and linked directly. I prefer to *not* have my IP address showing up in Kos' server logs...

Anybody know what movie this gun was made for?

SWWBO (waxing eloquent here about schools) would go for this room! We can't afford it, but she'd go for it! H/t Larry K!

Jeff over at Alphecca has his Weekly Check on the Bias (regarding guns in the news, etc) up.

Xrlq offers this analysis of what Judge Roberts *might* mean to the Supreme Court. For us 2nd Amendment types, looks like we'll need to get at least one more Justice besides Roberts.

Michelle Malkin offers more.

Matty at Blackfive has been having some fun. Stuff like this is one reason I'm just as glad I'm not as big as Matt. The tediousness of dealing with wilful ignorance is just numbing.

Dean Esmay takes on Hugo Chavez... Always a romp when Dean gets rolling!

In closing... wouldn't this look *wonderful* on the Castle Coffee Table?

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(and I didn't mean the Grant there. It would take *many* Grants to put that hunka-hunka-burning brass on the Castle Coffee Table!)