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July 18, 2005

Busy day today...

...SWWBO to the airport early, major project due at work, so, mebbe Bill or Dusty will chime in, or I'll catch a break at lunch.

In the meantime, let's haul some stuff up from the archives...

Today, in 1863, in a fight overshadowed by Gettysburg and the fact that it was unsuccessful - the 54th Massachusetts Infantry did answer one question - though it would be asked again and again in later wars until we finally settled it for good in Korea.

Just to point out the Subject Archives, on the left sidebar for newer visitors, or those who are regulars but just haven't had the time: My "Ammunition" archives.

Among the Gunbloggers today...

Triggerfinger takes on journalists about their spotty support of Federalism.

Sometimes, blogging can have consequences. The Anarchangel is the subject of a fatwa. Enough so that the FBI contacted him... Someone doesn't like Team Infidel, it would seem. If you are interested, you can follow this by checking his site, here.

Heh, eh? H/t Triggerfinger.

In other news...

Outside the Beltway Caption Contest!

Hey! They finally got around to charging Saddam!

Ahhh. gotta go! Cya later!

We'll close with "boys and their toys!"

Okay - we lied, while wifi'ing waiting on coffee...

I can tell you from personal experience - this makes training meaningless. I know the war is expensive, fellas. Still...

Soldiers are facing the undignified prospect of being forced to shout "bang, bang" on military training exercises after an admission by the Army that it is running out of blank ammunition.

The shortage is also likely to result in a large number of important training exercises being cancelled or severely restricted.

Of course, this is music to the ears of the anti-war crowd, who would have every Army be this way... until they want to use it, of course.

And mebbe, just mebbe, we have to give the French some credit.

While London hosts terrorists, Paris hosts a top-secret counterterrorism centre, code-named Alliance Base, whose existence was just revealed by The Washington Post. At the centre, six major Western governments since 2002 share intelligence and run counterterrorism operations (the latter makes it unique).

Ah, yes, what goes around, comes around. H/t Andrew Stuttaford and The Corner.

“I am not greatly taken in by Britain's "democracy", particularly as it is gradually vanishing under the pressure of the war. Certainly I would never fight and kill for such a phantasm. I do not greatly admire the part "my country" has played in world events. I consider that spiritually Britain has lost all meaning... I feel identified with my country in a deep sense, and want her to regain her meaning, her soul, if that is possible: but the unloading of a billion tons of bombs on Germany won't help this forward an inch... Whereas the rest of the nation is content with calling down obloquy on Hitler's head, we [pacifists] regard this as superficial. Hitler requires, not condemnation, but understanding. This does not mean that we like, or defend him. Personally I do not care for Hitler. He is, however, "realler" than Chamberlain, Churchill, Cripps, etc, in that he is the vehicle of raw historical forces, whereas they are stuffed dummies, waxwork figures, living in unreality. We do not desire a German "victory"; we would not lift a finger to help either Britain or Germany to "win"; but there would be a profound justice, I feel, however terrible, in a German victory…”

Last, but not least - the Canadians Militant, the voice of the Brigaded Blogs, Red Ensign Standard XXVI is up!

Aaaaah. 20 ounces of Latte'!

We'll close with this week's RINO Sightings!

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