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July 14, 2005

Video post...

Sorry to punish you guys with dial-up... but everybody, do yourself and my server a favor... right-click and save as, and run it from your hard drive. Better quality for you, less suck on bandwidth for me.

1st up - one that is roaring around the milworld and I'm sure is up on a gazillion blogs already.

Body Armor works. Turn up the sound. Listen to the jihadi start with the "Allahu akbar" stuff... I'm sure it started because he was so proud of what he was doing... and then segued into prayer when the Infidel Myrmidon got up looking pissed. *That's* never a good thing... a recently shot and now pissed off Infidel. H/t Mike L and Chris H.

I got shot with 7.62x54R wearing the old stuff. I didn't get up very quickly. This is a smaller bullet, but that is *still* a fair amount of energy transfer! That's a tough, collected, well trained troop.

2nd Up. Just gotta love dogs. Don't *touch* my bone. H/t Jim C.

3rd Up. *Not* work safe with the sound up too high. Visually fine. A little freudian slip. H/t Mike L.

4th up - I've had this up before - but you never can over emphasize... Danger Close varies by munition/delivery system...