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July 12, 2005

Task Force Baghdad Update and other stuff.


Task Force Baghdad's mission is to neutralize the anti-Iraqi forces and insurgents who are influencing the city and province, and to help develop a capable Iraqi Security Force.

Task Force Baghdad includes 30,000 soldiers from the Multinational Forces and 15,000 soldiers from the Iraqi army.

Task Force Baghdad's focus during Operation Lightning has been to significantly reduce the number of car bombs, and to disrupt enemy cells.

Prior to conducting Operation Lightning, there were 14 to 21 car bombs per week; that number has been reduced to about seven or eight per week.

Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces have been successful in reducing the overall number of attacks of all kinds in Baghdad.

Iraqis are gaining more confidence in their security forces and providing them with more information, which is used to help disrupt insurgent cells.

It is intended to have Iraqi Security Forces securing Baghdad for the elections with Coalition forces as back up.

While there are more threats, the ability of the insurgents to conduct sustained high-intensity operations as they did last year has mostly been eliminated.

Source: DoD

June recruiting numbers are in. It's not a trend yet, let's not break out the champagne - it represents the high school graduates. Retention is doing okay, too.

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