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July 10, 2005

Sunday quick reads.

A suburban gun owner supports a ban on semi-auto weapons. Yeah, well, not really, mostly he spanks muddle-headed thinking.

Confederate Yankee has some suggestions for weathering hurricanes.

Don Surber blames Karl Rove for Bush being the Velcro President.

Debra Saunders is not impressed with Spielbergss view of Americans dealing with Aliens in War of the Worlds. Of course, neither are movie goers, since Fantastic 4 is spanking WotW in theaters. (Full Disclosure, the Master and Mistress of Argghhh! have seen Fantastic 4, and not WotW). H/t to Jeff at Alphecca, who prefers a slightly more permanent solution to wife-battering.

Random Nuclear strikes points to some clear-eyed writing in The Guardian, of all places.

Kim du Toit laments his lack of an 03-A3... this isn't the time to note there is more than one in the Castle Arsenal... though, oddly, we only have a picture of our M1903...

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Hanging on this wall, here.

H/t Mostly Cajun, who has one too.

Interesting reading on the Islamic Bomb over at Asia Times.