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July 06, 2005

Morning reads.

MIPT Terrorism Database, anyone?

From Hurl, a deployed milblogger - a Patriot you should know, but probably don't. I'm guilty. If I *ever* knew, I forgot.

Hee! Unintended Consequences. H/t, GM's Corner.

Over at The Word Unheard... Iran unveils, and she ain't pretty.

Heh. As usual, I'm late on this stuff. Damn that job thing, anyway. Gets in the way of surfing... Atrios and the ChickenHawk thing. I was going to respond to it, except there really isn't much substance there to respond to, Duncan just makes his point (which are the usual things one can say about any war - and people did, for example, with Roosevelt in re: WWII - shifting war aims, incompetent generals, lack of volunteers, etc. In fact, I recall the forbears of the Democrat Party made the same claims about Lincoln and *his* war, too) and closes with easy cheap-shots. I expected better. I don't know why, I just, well, *did*. Black usually exceeds Zuniga and Herd in that regard. Anyway - if, like me, you missed this little tiff, Matt at Blackfive, Don Sensing at One Hand Clapping, and Armed Liberal at Winds of Change have all responded.

But I do think one favor should be returned. If you'd like to email Mr. Black about his thoughts, you can do so here: Read his bit and you'll understand.

Should there be any of Mr. Black's readers who wend this way - I am the antithesis of a Chickenhawk. I'm worse, I suspect, in your universe. I'm a 2nd Generation professional killer in the service of the state - and while I'm retired, my name is on the Voluntary Recall list with the Army. If they need me, I'll be there, to paraphrase the song. In fact, in this family, on both sides, we've had the Republic covered since before it was a Republic, with our first recorded soldier in Roger's Rangers. The professional thing, well, that *is* new. And, since I *know* you are burning to know... my college age son has not, nor does he intend, to enlist or seek a commission. An opinion unchanged since, oh, he was 10. He figures if he's really needed, they'll call. And that's just fine by me.

As for the recruiting issue? I'm with Reverend Sensing on this one - it's more an incompetent General thing - the leaders of Recruiting Command. If your thesis were really, really valid, the Marines would be having problems, too - and they aren't. And the re-enlistment rates would be slacking - but they aren't, we made 104% of the goal for re-enlistments last time I checked (last week). Those are far better indicators. You can keep looking, trying to find the Hollow Army of the 70's - but, wishes ain't fishes, guys, you're just going to go hungry.

Oh, and Mr. Black? Since you seem to require that military service is a pre-req to having an opinion on the war or things military, how about a nice cup of shut-up? Nah, I didn't think so.

Sigh. Asked the question yesterday if anyone had more data on the SEAL who was found yesterday (see Morning Reads, below). Sadly, Bill did. They found two more, dead. That means there is still one left out there somewhere. And, do I think the loss of the helo and all aboard was worth trying to find these guys? Yes. Leave no man behind, as policy, does more to conserve fighting power than you can imagine.

Let's close this (for now, I might add more later) with a pic of some young 'Murican volunteers doing a little work in the Box.

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THAR THAR REGION, Iraq – An amphibious assault vehicle kicks up dust as it rumbles through the desert regions here June 19. AAVs transported infantrymen from Company B, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment as they conducted Operation Dagger, a five-day long effort to rid regions north of Fallujah of insurgent activity. Photo taken by Cpl. Mike Escobar

Hi-res, click here.

H/t, Strategy Page - saved me surfing the USMC pic site...

Okay, okay, I linked to a lefty site today. Here, lemme take care of that for ya, and clean up that monitor. H/t: Larry K.