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July 05, 2005

Morning Reads

Hadda take SWWBO to the airport this morning, so my content is lite. Ooo! I see that today is a trifecta - all *3* of us have posted! Whee!

Since Dusty posted today - here's a reward for him!

And in honor of Bill posting... how about a WWII-era, wooden-bladed Flying Pancake? Yes, built for the Navy, the V-173/XF5U

Credit where credit is due... I still don't read him anymore, however.

Heh. Scotland the Brave, and disarmed. No wonder there are so many surplus Regimental Claymores for sale over here.

The XXVth Edition of the Red Ensign Standard, the collection of musings of Canadians Militant, is up at Raging Kraut.

Over at Strange Fictions, Lazar asks a question about the UN.

At BlueStateRed, Steve Couch watches CNN, so you don't have to.

Mark, at Decision '08, has the latest RINO Sightings.

RedState.Org is taking a close look at proposed regulation of blogs by the FEC. Office bloggers (who oughta be careful, anyway) watch out! I'm with Ravenwood - look for the end of timestamps on posts if this works out... but, fellas, the server logs (both yours and your firm's) will *still* have the data if people want it.

Xrlq believes a little fisking of Molly Ivins is in order...

Over at The War on Guns, we find that courts are willing to apply a label that they admit doesn't fit the person, or the crime... because it *might* fit some other person committing a similar crime... yer right Judge, it *is* unfair.

Jumpmaster... pretty Kewl, Chad!

Publicola is a little down this Independence Day. Mebbe some traffic will cheer him up?

How about a little Indirect Fire Pr0n? Why 'jo flingers don't like dusty environments...

Icelandic Coast Defense...

Even though the underlying reasons for this are a cause for concern, this is kinda kewl.

Opinion-Journal has an interesting interview with Oriana Fallaci, one which makes my head spin with the Liberal love affair with Europe...

I do soooo love words and the history of words. Especially naughty ones!

GEN Schoomaker goes to Seattle to speak out on recruiting and retention - into the lion's den, so to speak.

Bit by bit, little by little - the Iraqis take over.

I must, that in this instance, I agree with David Broder on the need for some published metrics (usable ones, not just feel-good carp) to evaluate (and adjust approaches, if needed) progress in Iraq. Of course, once they are there, if any need to be adjusted, that will raise a howl from the usual suspects - whether the adjustments are based on solid analysis or not.

In interesting development in the Sunni clergy in Iraq. Wonder how much pull they have in this?

So, we found one of the guys missing in Afghanistan - which is good. But this press release raises more questions than it answers. Anybody got more data?

The flip-side to the fly-paper analogy... and certainly grounds for valid criticism of how we have handled Iraq - and the short-sightedness of those who refused to help - not with the invasion, but with the stability efforts. Yes, NATO, I mean you.

All I can say here is... about time. The two Major Regional Contingency strategy has been a dead horse for some time. About time we faced the reality of it.